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Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II

          He was born in a modest village to the Thakur and Thakurine of Isarda. At the age of eleven he was adopted as the heir to the Jaipur gaddi (throne) and would lead a very privileged life. His reign coincided with the demolishing of royal India and the transformation of the subcontinent into a modern democratic state. Even though he was part of a medieval feudal system he was very much a revolutionary prince, and before the independence of India he foresaw the future of the state of Jaipur as a constitutional monarchy rather than an autocracy. This prince who was a renowned polo player, a veteran of World War II, an ambassador to Spain, and a revolutionary monarch was the Maharaja Sawai Man Singh the Second and titular head of the Kachwaha Rajputs.

        On August 21, 1911 the future Maharaja Man Singh II was born to Lieutenant-Colonel Raja Sawai Singhji (Thakur of Isarda) by his wife the daughter of Thakur Shri Umrao Singh of Kotla as their second son. He was given the name Mor Mukut Singh.

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